“Peer Support as a Catalyst for Harm Reduction” with Dominique Christian – December 2023 Community of Practice

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December 2023 CPS & CPPS Community of Practice

“Peer Support as a Catalyst for Harm Reduction”
with Dominique Christian

Thursday, December 14th, 2023 from 1:30 – 3:00 pm CT

  • Dominique Christian
    As a Certified Peer Support Specialist, Dominique has experience supporting people with mental health concerns, psychological trauma and substance use. Dominique chose to enter this field because she believes that while there are many people passionate about this work, there aren’t enough people of color who share commonalities and similar experiences with the many of the clients being served. She believes her lived experience helps her be effective in supporting and advocating for others in their recovery process.

Join us for an enlightening training session with Dominique Christian, where we explore the empowering world of harm reduction and peer support. This training delves into the pivotal role of peer support in fostering healing and well-being for individuals grappling with self-harm and substance use.

Discover how non-judgmental, strengths-based approaches, combined with shared lived experiences, create a unique and empathetic support system. Learn how to challenge societal biases, build trust, and promote safety, all while respecting individual autonomy and self-determination.

Our interactive session will cover:

  • Ethical dilemmas in harm reduction and strategies to navigate them
  • Building empathetic connections while maintaining professional boundaries
  • Cultural sensitivity in support services
  • Empowering individuals through diverse treatment options

This training is a must-attend for anyone passionate about making a meaningful impact in harm reduction and peer support. Enhance your skills in creating compassionate, person-centered support environments that truly make a difference.

Feedback Survey/CEH Information:

We invite you to please fill out the evaluation survey link (click here) if you attended this community of practice gathering or if you watch the recordingThe survey will close at 4:30pm on Thursday, December 28th. Certificates of Participation will be sent to those completing the evaluation form by 4:30pm on January 4th, 2024. No evaluation surveys will be accepted for CEH credit after the evaluation survey’s closing date/time.

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