March 2023 – CPS & CPPS Community of Practice:

“Upcoming Peer Learning Communities & Fellowship Opportunities

facilitated by Nze Okoronta and Tara Wilhelmi 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 from 1:30PM – 3:00PM CT


Chrysalis, EOTO, LLC. & SOAR Case Management Inc. will present an overview of past learning communities previously offered to the peer support workforce. The presenters will describe upcoming opportunities for collaboration and explore how this might be helpful for both experienced peers and those who are new to the workforce.

General information about upcoming opportunities will be given with space for Q&A at the end.



[Image Description: Nze is wearing a tie-dye teal/blue hoodie, has short curly hair, has a teal nose ring piercing, is wearing brown dangling earrings and is smiling. There is a white door on the right side behind Nze.] Nze Okoronta

Nze (they/them) is a queer, Black, Nigerian writer & peer supporter located in Madison, WI. Nze is currently the program director of Solstice House Peer Run Respite & Peer Run Warmline. Nze facilitates dialogue and advocates alongside others navigating crisis and emotional distress.

As an outspoken voice promoting culturally responsive peer-led crisis alternatives, Nze provides support around experiences of harm related to the intersections of psychiatric medications, generational grief and trauma, systemic violence and institutional racism. They believe our stories hold power, community is our home, and pride is our path to liberation.



[Image Description: Background is green grass with a tree stump. Tara has short curly black hair, is wearing a long back top underneath a short pink sleeve, and is smiling]Tara Wilhelmi

Tara leads a grassroots community recovery and wellness organization, EOTO Culturally Rooted. She is a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS), Certified Parent Peer Specialist (CPPS) and state trainer of Certified Peer Specialists and trainers. She provides support to individuals navigating mental health, substance use and trauma recovery.

Driven by her passion for positive social change and thriving, healthy communities of color she enjoys acting as a connector and seed planter working on several impactful collaborations throughout Wisconsin.

As a Certified Peer Specialist and lived experience public speaker Tara subscribes to a “each one teach one” knowledge and skill sharing ideology that she believes is key to challenging systemic injustice. She has presented and trained on topics such as valuing & integrating the voice of lived experience, implicit bias and understanding culture/power/privilege to audiences on a national, state, and local level. Her unique approach and compassionate delivery make conquering these difficult conversations an act of bravery and not an exercise in guilt, shame, or fear.

We all have work to do to create a safer, more just society – Tara believes that together we can!


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The CPS & CPPS Community of Practice is for people who can say:

1. I am a Certified Peer Specialist or Certified Parent Peer Specialist in Wisconsin.

2. I want to engage in a supportive, collaborative learning-based Community of Practice with other CPS and CPPS in Wisconsin.


Click Here for the Guidelines/Community Agreements for the CPS & CPPS Community of Practice




March 2023 – Supervisor’s Community of Practice:

“Black Women & Gambling, Addiction, Recovery”

facilitated by Sandra Adell

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 from 1:30PM – 3:00PM CT



In this presentation, Sandra Adell will discuss her work with Black Women in Recovery and our efforts to use our stories on gambling, addiction and recovery to help encourage other Black women to seek treatment. Among the issues she will address are the current limitations of available treatment programs for problem and compulsive gambling, and how Black women may support each other in recovery.


Meet the Facilitator:

Sandra Adell is a literature professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the author of Confessions of a Slot Machine Queen: A Memoir. She currently is working on a book titled And Then The Casinos Came: Black Women’s Narratives of Gambling and Loss.



Sandra Adell on Megyn Kelly Today, February 21, 2018


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The Supervisors of CPS & CPPS Community of Practice is for people who can say:

1. I have worked as a Certified Peer Specialist, Certified Parent Peer Specialist, or in a similar peer role and have my own relevant lived experience.

2. I also supervise other Certified Peer Specialists or Certified Parent Peer Specialists in Wisconsin or am looking to develop supervisory/organizational leadership skills.


Click Here for the Guidelines/Community Agreements for the Supervisors of CPS & CPPS Community of Practice


Continuing Education Hours and Recordings

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CEHs: Attendance at the CPS & CPPS Community of Practice and some Supervisors of CPS & CPPS Community of Practice gatherings and completion of post-gathering evaluations will earn you 1.5 hours of continuing education credit good for recertification purposes in Wisconsin. The evaluation will be sent to the email with which you register to attend a Community of Practice gathering.


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