September 2023 – CPS & CPPS Community of Practice:

“Find Healing Within Peer Support” with Shawn Adrian

Thursday, September 21, 2023 from 1:30PM – 3:00PM CT

Shawn will be exploring how he got to where he is today. You will learn why peer support is so beneficial to Shawn and to others who are disabled – from having peer support to having hope after the trauma. We will also create a non-judgmental, safe environment in which we can discuss challenges you are facing and how to build coping techniques to lead to a successful recovery. Although you may feel that no-one can understand what you are facing, you do not have to face it alone as we are ALL in this together. We will work together to find a positive path to overcome your challenges to help you achieve your desired goal.



Shawn Adrian

In 1999, I lost my vision due to a traumatic head injury caused by a car accident. The trauma caused by this life-changing event has had a long-reaching influence on who I am today. Prior to the traumatic accident, I battled with mental illness, and narcissistic abuse that led to incarceration as a child and an adult. After the horrific accident, I battled with substance use due to physical pain. Not having any support to help me through these trying times provides me first-hand knowledge of the important role that an empathetic peer-support specialist provides in recovery.

My life experiences have led me to see the need for outside support to help when one is enduring hard times. This is why I decided to use the strength I found in myself to help others going through similar situations. I completed necessary training and testing to become the first blind Certified Peer Support Specialist in the state of Wisconsin.




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The CPS & CPPS Community of Practice is for people who can say:

1. I am a Certified Peer Specialist or Certified Parent Peer Specialist in Wisconsin.

2. I want to engage in a supportive, collaborative learning-based Community of Practice with other CPS and CPPS in Wisconsin.


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September 2023 – Supervisor’s Community of Practice:

“Leading as a Peer Specialist: How to make organizational change as a Peer Specialist when you are in a leadership position” with Alysha Clark

Thursday, September 28, 2023 from 1:30PM – 3:00PM CT

Thankfully, we are seeing more Peer Specialists hired into leadership positions within organizations, but this responsibility also comes with its challenges. Learn about how to understand your own organization to better your impact when looking for organizational change.




Alysha Clark

Alysha Clark was Certified as a Peer Specialist in 2013 and is grateful for the opportunity to be in leadership positions throughout the next ten years. Alysha is now the Director of Advocacy and Operations at Chrysalis. She has had several experiences throughout her time at Chrysalis to think about how the Peer Specialist lens can support organizational change. Alysha has also supported several organizations in looking at their own organizations and how they can support Peer Specialist services by making organizational change.



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The Supervisors of CPS & CPPS Community of Practice is for people who can say:

1. I have worked as a Certified Peer Specialist, Certified Parent Peer Specialist, or in a similar peer role and have my own relevant lived experience.

2. I also supervise other Certified Peer Specialists or Certified Parent Peer Specialists in Wisconsin or am looking to develop supervisory/organizational leadership skills.


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