Accessible Training and Certification as a Value

We strive to center principles of inclusivity and accessibility in our Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Parent Peer Specialist trainings and exams, as well as Communities of Practice. People with disabilities sometimes require reasonable accommodations in order to engage effectively in the CPS/CPPS training and examination process or participate in Communities of Practice.

If you are in need of reasonable accommodations that would you help navigate certification with a disability, please see the application form below.

Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis, also factoring in programmatic limitations, health and safety considerations, and so on. Please know that there are some accommodations, due to the impacts of COVID-19 or other factors, we may be unable to offer. We will do everything we can to find ways to support your best learning, participation, and success.


Reasonable Accommodation Request Application

Reasonable accommodation requests must be made at least two weeks before exam dates and one week ahead of training start-dates, respectively. Please submit community of practice accommodation requests a week prior to the event. If you require a reasonable accommodation while taking a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist or Certified Parent Peer Specialist exam or training, please fill out the following:

  • Please tell us the community of practice, exam, or training date and whether this is a CPS or CPPS offering. If your request is for a training, please include the 5 or 6 digit training number if known.
  • People with a disability may request reasonable accommodation to perform the functions necessary to participate in communities of practice, CPS/CPPS examination, and/or training. Please let us know what your specific request is and how it relates to a disability. Once your request is received, you will be contacted to discuss your needs.
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