Statewide CPS Training Application Process (revised)

General, statewide, CPS trainings have reached a 50-applicant maximum extremely quickly in the past (at times in just an hour). This presented accessibility barriers related to both disability and technology access/familiarity. The following is a revised application process for these statewide CPS trainings.

This process, which includes a shorter application period, an no cap on the number of applications received, and a lottery process to determine which applications are considered by trainers, is intended to allow sufficient time for interested applicants to apply, while still honoring our trainers’ capacity in considering a maximum of 50 applicants per training. It is designed to support both accessibility and equity.

  • The application period will be five days (see “When to Apply” on event listings).
  • There will be no cap on the number of applications received during the 5-day application period.
  • Once the application deadline passes, all applications submitted will be reviewed for basic eligibility (see “Determining Eligibility and Fit” on event listings).
  • Applications not meeting basic eligibility will be removed from the pool of applicants.
  • If the pool of applicants that meets basic eligibility exceeds 50 total applicants, all remaining applicants will be assigned a number and enter a randomized lottery system.
  • The first 50 applicants displayed after the randomized lottery will be considered for the training, and their applications sent on to trainers for review.
  • All applicants not in the first 50 displayed will be notified that their applications will not be reviewed for this particular training and encouraged to apply for other trainings.
  • All applicants will be notified whether or not their applications will be considered within 14 days of the date applications open.

This unique application process only applies to statewide, CPS trainings not of a community-specific nature at this time. It does not apply to regional trainings, community-specific trainings, or trainings specific to a certain county or tribe.

Once trainers are sent the 50 applications to be considered, the participant review and selection process matches that of any other training. Trainers will review the applications, reach out to no more than 25 applicants out of the 50-applicant pool to schedule a virtual interview, and will select 14-18 training participants from those interviewed.

The applicant review and participant selection process is the responsibility of trainers alone. Trainers will submit a roster of selected participants to the Wisconsin Peer Specialist Employment Initiative at least two weeks prior to the training start date. Please do not contact the Wisconsin Peer Specialist Employment Initiative about your selection decision during this review process, as we will not have updates for you. All applicants will be informed of their selection decision regardless of whether they were selected for a training or not.

Participant Agreements

If you are invited by trainers to participate in a training you will be expected to agree to the following to confirm your slot:

• Participant understands that if they withdraw from this training within 5 business days of its start date, they will not be eligible to apply for another training for that role (CPS or CPPS) for one year.

• Participant understands that full participation and presence is vital for effective training, and will reserve training hours for training participation only. Trainers may drop a participant from a training if a participant has not set aside the training hours for training participation and activities.

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