This website is the most up-to-date source of scheduled CPS and CPPS trainings in Wisconsin. If there is no training listed on this page that serves your county or tribe, that indicates there are no training events currently planned for your county or tribe.

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Which Trainings Can I Apply For?

Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) and Certified Parent Peer Specialist (CPPS) trainings are usually designed to serve specific regions of the state made up of various counties. Some trainings may even be specific to a single county or tribe. The listings for trainings on this website will specify to which county and/or tribe you must belong in order to apply. Some other trainings may be “community-specific” trainings. How trainings determine who is eligible to apply is based on a combination of factors such as funding specifications for that training (especially so for privately-funded trainings), data-driven decisions based on geographical or community-specific need, ensuring adequate and equitable access to trainings, and more.

If you see an upcoming training listed that serves your county or tribe, take note of the date and time applications open. The application for that training will be available on that same event listing at that date and time.

If you don’t see a training listed that serves your county or tribe, join our email contact list (click here) or like our Facebook page (click here) to stay up-to-date when new trainings are announced.


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Attending the Training and Beyond:

It is important that you attend the full training if selected. Though full attendance is necessary to pass the training, it is not a guarantee of receiving the training certificate needed to then apply for taking the CPS or CPPS exam. Passing the training will require adequate attendance, full participation, and demonstrating a basic understanding of the materials presented and skills needed in a Certified Peer Specialist or Certified Parent Peer Specialist.

Once you have passed the training and received the training certificate of completion, you may apply to take the statewide exam for the certification specific to your training.

There is currently no registration cost associated with trainings for selected participants.

There is a registration cost of $50 paid to the order of UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education when applying for the certification exam or recertification. Currently, this is the only cost associated with either the CPS role or the CPPS role.

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If you require a reasonable accommodation for a CPS/CPPS training you are attending due to a disability, please see our Reasonable Accommodations Request Application (click here).

We ask that reasonable accommodations requests for CPS/CPPS trainings be submitted no later than 1 week prior to the training start-date.


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