Finding Continuing Education Opportunities

Some resources exist with ongoing continuing education opportunities that may be great for professional development as well as meeting the CEH requirements for recertification as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) and/or Certified Parent Peer Specialist (CPPS).

The resources linked below are some such resources that we often share out and may be of interest to you:

The above resources are not all encompassing, and many other quality continuing education and professional development resources exist. We encourage you to check these out, sign up on their email lists, if available, to get updates, and explore on your own. Similarly, some resources may focus more on one specific topic area relevant to your recertification requirements (e.g., trauma-informed care, cultural humility, peer specialist-specific, etc.).

Ultimately, you are responsible for finding the needed continuing education for each required topic area specific to your role. You can see the specific requirements for CPS and CPPS below:

CPS recertification requirements. CPPS recertification requirements.


Staying Engaged in Continuing Education and Professional Development

We send out many continuing education opportunities, most of them free and online, through our contact list (click here). You can sign up for the contact list, if you do not already receive our emails, at the bottom of this page.

We also share many continuing education opportunities on our social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Many organizations and websites that host continuing education opportunities, both paid and free, can be found in the above section on this page and in the Wisconsin resources and national resources listings on our resources page (click here).

Some other organizations and resources that offer continuing education and professional development are listed below. Again, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Also, not all of these offer opportunities in the same format or with the purpose of supporting recertification in mind. Some offer learning resources for learning’s sake as well as community empowerment:

Documenting Continuing Education Hours (CEHs):

To use continuing education opportunities for recertification purposes, the organization hosting the opportunity will have to provide you with a certificate or document that lists the title and date of the opportunity you attended, presenter names, and the number of continuing education hours that you have received. It is your responsibility to acquire documentation of continuing education hours.

Not all organizations or resources offering continuing education, learning, or professional development opportunities offer documentation or certificates for participants. If you hope to apply your participation in an opportunity or event towards recertification, please check in with the hosting body to see if they offer such documentation.


Considering the Peer Role in Continuing Education Opportunities

Not every continuing education opportunity we send out on our contact list or post on social media fits in neatly with the role of a Certified Peer Specialist or Certified Parent Peer Specialist.  Sometimes offerings we share fall in a category of, “this could be helpful information on the trajectory and components of service systems, and people should be engaging with a peer support lens to explore its applicability or not to CPS/CPPS services.”

When attending continuing education opportunities, please keep in mind the guiding ethical principle of self-determination for CPS/CPPS, how we see our peers as the experts in their own experiences, the value of multiple pathways to recovery, as well as the differences between “helping” and connective support without undue influence on the lives and choices of our peers.


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