Peer Support and Substance Use – May 2022 CPS & CPPS Community of Practice

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May 2022 CPS & CPPS Community of Practice:

A Panel Discussion on “Peer Support and Substance Use” ~ May 19th, 2022 from 1:30pm-3pm CDT

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we could not get ASL interpreters for this panel discussion. We will continue to work towards getting ASL interpreters for future communities of practice.


Rene Livingston-DeTienne is a queer, black woman, recovery advocate, artist, and writer She is a person in long-term recovery, having a history of trauma, mental wellness, and substance use challenges, and now works as a Certified Peer Specialist Trainer. Rene is a student at Edgewood College, where she will complete a Bachelor’s in Art Therapy in December. She is passionate about both art and the Peer Recovery Movement, and plans to utilize those skills as a Substance Use Counselor. Her long term goals include a Master’s in Art Therapy and one day opening a non-profit in Madison.

Lana Hamilton is a Recovery Coach/Certified Peer Specialist/Doula for Safe Communities. She works in the Jail2Recovery, ER2Recovery, Treatment Readiness, Comprehensive Community Services, and Pregnancy2Recovery programs. She is also a part of Madison’s new Addiction Resource Team and believes it is an honor and a privilege to use her lived experience with others. Today, she enjoys time with her family, biking, hiking, cooking, and sewing. She is also a first time pet owner adding the joy of cats into her life! She has become an asset to her community now that she has experienced the miracle of recovery.

Jesse Heffernan is a person in long-term recovery, CCAR Recovery Coach Professional, and Certified Healing Centered Engagement Practitioner. Throughout his professional career, he has worked as the Program Director of the Iris Place, one of Wisconsin’s mental health peer-run mental health respite facilities, the Outreach and Empowerment Coordinator for Faces & Voices of Recovery, and Program Leader for Goodwill NCW LGBTQ+ Youth Services. In 2015, he co-launched an internationally recognized training and consulting business called Helios Recovery Services LLC. In addition to his work at Helios, he currently serves as the Co-Chair of The Privilege Institute, Vice-Chair of Rise Together, and sits on the committee for the International Association of Recovery Coach Professionals. He lives in WI with his partner and 4 children, enjoying all things in geek culture, basketball, and coffee. It is his belief that Recovery is the process of returning to inherent worth and dignity.


Gaochi Vang is a CPS, CPS Trainer, and the Peer Specialists Community Engagement Coordinator for the Wisconsin Peer Specialist Employment Initiative.


This CPS & CPPS Community of Practice Session will be a panel discussion on peer support and substance use

We invite you to please fill out the evaluation survey link (click here) if you attended this community of practice gathering or if you watch the recordingThe survey will close at 4:30pm on Thursday, June 2nd. Certificates of Participation will be sent to those completing the evaluation form by 4:30pm on June 9th, 2022. No evaluation surveys will be accepted for CEU credit after the evaluation survey’s closing date/time.

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