“Effective Harm Reduction Practices Using Peer Support”

with Tanya Kraege & Joe Galey

Friday, August 25th, 2023 | ⏰ 9AM – 10:30AM CT
Cost: FREE | Virtual – Zoom

There are many opportunities to support peers engaging in harm reduction. This session will explore ideas around harm reduction in the substance use experience space, challenge beliefs around abstinence based recovery and give tools to effectively address the harm caused when we don’t understand harm reduction.


Tanya Kraege is the Drug Poisoning Prevention Team Manager at Safe Communities MDC. She works alongside people experiencing substance use challenges, birthing folx using substances during pregnancy, trauma, relationships, formerly incarcerated, and mental health experiences. Tanya has been a part of mental health and substance use work for 14 years. Currently, she oversees programs that use Recovery Coaches and Certified Peer Specialists who work in various environments in Dane County, Rock County and Jefferson County in Wisconsin to support people with substance use, and mental health experiences and their loved ones. Over the past few years in this role, Tanya has secured grant funding to design and implement a Salesforce-based recovery practice management solution that has increased productivity by 40% in peer provider management and has given the flexibility to serve over 1600 people in her community. Tanya also works around the Country regarding anti-stigma work and peer provider programs. Tanya played a role in the Health Care Task Force on Safe Opioid Prescribing by participating in the academic detailing program for working with clinicians on co-prescribing Naloxone with opioid prescription medications, in addition to being a Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor, and community advocate. Tanya is also a Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach Trainer, and Certified Peer Specialist, using her story of addiction and recovery to help others gain hope and insight into new ways of living. Tanya Kraege APSW, CSAC, MSW, CCAR Coach, CCAR Trainer, WICPS


Joe Galey is a certified Peer Specialist, Recovery Coach, and trained Doula. Living in Madison, Wisconsin, I work for Safe Communities and their drug poisoning prevention programs, UW Health’s Hub and Spoke program, CCS, panel member of UW ECHO ACCEPT, and advisory board member of Wisconsin Rural Health & Substance Use Support Program.

The belief everyone deserves to be seen, heard, loved, and access the same stigma free care and resources as the next human is why I do this. I provide support to those struggling with substance use and/or mental challenges along with advocacy and education through lived experience and speaking. My hobbies are bodybuilding, Mycology, art, and being in nature.



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