Interactive Skill Reboot

with Susie Austin

Tuesdays & Thursdays, August 8th, 10th, 15th & 17th, 2023 | ⏰ 6PM – 8PM CT
Cost: FREE | Virtual – Zoom

This workshop is designed for practicing CPS and CPPS.

This workshop uses real experiences & challenges our workforce have experienced. Reboot is getting back to basics, helping our CPS & CPPS workforce stay true to the profession. 

If interested, please consider sending experiences and challenges from your practice to add to our database! Challenging situations, problems and how they were solved or not solved to Susie Austin at 


Susie Austin – I am employed with Wisconsin Community Services as the Peer Services Coordinator where I oversee Peer Specialist programs in four counties. I have been in the field for many years working in case management, prevention, and intervention as a Career Coach, Recovery Coach, Life Coach, and interventionist. After becoming a Certified Peer Specialist, and a state trainer for the CPS certification, I became passionate about Peer Support, advocating for incorporating Peer Services in numerous programs. I serve on the Waukesha County Substance Use Advisory Committee, the Waukesha County Mental Health Advisory Committee, Heroin Task force, the advisory committee for WI Voices for Recovery, CHIPP (community Health and improvement planning process), as well as the chair of the Waukesha County Peer Support Group, and Ministry leader for Celebrate Recovery. I am also a passionate speaker, writer, and singer, I enjoy painting and the art of candle making.



August 8th from 6PM – 8PM CT

🔸E-OARS & Listening 

E – Empathy

O – Open Minded

R – Reflection

A – Affirmation

S – Summary

August 10th from 6PM – 8PM CT

🔸Boundaries – Reboot boundaries in practice, work life personal life

🔸Self-Care – Identifying, practicing, teaching in practice

August 15th from 6PM – 8PM CT

🔸Reboot – Lessons Learned: Peer support challenging situations using real examples from our peer support workforce with brainstorming session

🔸Reboot – D.E.I.: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

August 17th from 6PM – 8PM CT

🔸Reboot – Trauma Informed Care – Using the six key principals of a trauma informed approach

🔸Reboot – Advocacy – Clarity of what the CPS role is and educating communities. This also will address the advocacy needs of the peers we serve


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