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The Wisconsin Peer Specialist Employment Initiative held a Certified Peer Specialist Training of the Trainer (CPS ToT) in August 2021. There are currently no CPS ToT events scheduled. Future CPS ToT events will be posted on this website when they become available in the future.

Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Parent Peer Specialist trainings are currently free of charge for participants.

The state-approved, competency-based certification exam, run through UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education, costs $50 to complete. The recertification cost is also $50 every two years. These $50 exam registration and recertification fees are the only costs associated with this initiative.

Once you have successfully submitted an application for a training, you will receive a copy of your application and next steps sent to the email you provided in your application.

When applications close for a training, trainers will review applications, contact no more than 25 applicants out of the possible applicant pool for virtual interviews, and then select a final cohort of training participants (between 14-18 participants) after conducting virtual interviews. Though a maximum of 25 people will be contacted for virtual interviews, everyone can expect to hear back about the final decision in regards to their application.

Please know that it will take some time for participant selection to be finalized, and we ask for your patience during this process. You will hear back within two weeks of the application deadline whether or not you have been accepted to move on in the application process.

For each training throughout the state, there is generally a minimum of 14 participants and a maximum of 18 participants accepted. Once a training receives a total of 50 applications submitted, that training no longer accepts further applications (exceptions to this include Statewide CPS trainings). The Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist/Certified Parent Peer Specialist certification is highly sought after, so we advise that you complete and submit your application as soon as you are able.