“Respite & Emergency Respite: Let’s Talk Supporting Youth in the Housing Context”

with C.C. We Adapt

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023 | ⏰ 5PM – 6:30PM CT
Cost: FREE | Virtual – Zoom

You will learn how respite can be utilized to not only support individual youth and introduce them to confidence building activities that support emotional regulation & mindfulness, but also to help alleviate built up anxiety that can negatively impact a household, leading parents to feeling overwhelmed.

This session will cover specific coping skills and strategies, hobbies, therapeutic needs of the participants and parents, and how those needs are related to sustainable housing. Attendees will learn about how the skills respite participants are practicing are related to wholistic recovery for families.

We will also dive into how open communication between respite providers, peer supporters, and the entire care team will allow for a more comprehensive/wraparound approach to achieving long term sustainable and stable housing.

You will improve your ability as a peer supporter to best serve your clients by assisting you in being able to identify signs that your participant may be in need of respite services, and how to help them enroll in respite services when a need is identified.

We will cover in detail how this service combination will not only improve the lives of your participants, but their families and our communities.

Correlation between Respite with sustainable housing

  • Respite – More than just babysitters. Respite can be therapeutic for the participants
    • List ways respite can be therapeutic for kids in the service
      • Emotional regulation
      • How to manage anxiety effectively
      • Refine social skills
      • Witness a healthy family dynamic
      • Get accustomed to a healthy routine. (sleep, wake, screen time, chores)
      • Learn healthy activities that can be fun hobbies and coping skills
      • Medication management (In some cases)
  • While participants are in a therapeutic respite setting learning how to better navigate and cope with their own trauma, parents are allowed time to focus on their own battles, finding and maintaining employment, cleaning, how to assign chores, and developing skills they need to make their housing sustainable. (List skills parents can practice while kids are in respite)
  • Participants and parents are allowed time to work simultaneously on coping skills, social skills, setting life goals, and simply taking the time to work on themselves. Week after week when the family unit is reunited, they become closer and more supportive of each other which ultimately leads to a better chance that their housing situation will be sustainable. (List skills the family will acquire that lead to sustainable housing)
    • Communication between respite provider and tenant supporter is of the upmost importance
    • Check ins regularly with the family to ensure they are confident utilizing the coping skills independently in between sessions
    • Ensure routines set at respite are being reinforced in the home between respite sessions
    • Ensure parents understand the importance of respite and how it is a tool being utilized to give the family a comprehensive therapeutic experience
    • Get feedback from parents and kids to ensure they fully understand and are confident with coping skill prior to adding more to their plate. (More is not always better)
  • Summary of information covered and what steps can you take today to help enroll one of your participants in respite
    • Respite can be used in any high stress home situation to ensure families maintain their stable living situation

Reach out if you would like more information on respite and sustainable housing in your communities!



David Carlson – Founder and co-owner of C.C. We Adapt; co-founder/co-owner of Next Generation Properties LLC; co-founder/co-owner of Next Generation Mentors 

Thomas SampsonIndividual Skill Development and Enhancement (ISDE), Wellness Management, Youth Mentor

Spencer McCarterRespite Care, Emergency Respite Services, Youth Mentor




September 27th from 5PM – 6:30PM CT

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